ACL Rehab

Get Back In The Game With Eastern Shore Physical Therapy

So, you undergo your surgical procedure, you’re on the mend… what now? 

For athletes in high-impact sports, or those that require sudden stops, cutting, or changes in direction, ACL injuries are all too common. In fact, many of these injuries may even require surgery, resulting in an even lengthier recovery period.  

At Eastern Shore Physical Therapy, we understand how frustrating sitting out of the game can be. Our post-surgical rehabilitation services can help you achieve the quickest recovery possible for such a complex injury.

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What to expect after surgery:

Post-surgical rehabilitation is a lengthy process following a surgical ACL repair. It typically requires 6-9 months of extensive physical therapy and hard work. We understand that this can be physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging on an athlete of any age. There are a lot of ups and downs to the rehab process – you go from being a star athlete to sitting on the sidelines for as long as a year. However, the team at Eastern Shore Physical Therapy works hard to make your rehabilitation process as smooth as possible, so you can get back to enjoying your active lifestyle. 

In order to achieve this, some important aspects of your ACL rehab treatment plan will include:

  • Mobility
  • Strength Training
  • Balance & Proprioceptive Awareness
  • Returning to Running, Jumping, & Landing Techniques
  • Sport Specific Drills including Acceleration, Deceleration, Change of Direction

This is all done to make sure that you are performing optimally and not compensating. Our mission is to provide the proper techniques and resources to you so you can get back to the game with regained function and a significantly decreased risk of sustaining another injury.

DID YOU KNOW: Statistics for ACL injuries…

There are some intimidating statistics regarding ACL injuries – according to the National Institutes of Health, it is estimated that approximately 350,000 ACL reconstructions are performed annually across the nation. Despite surgical repair, those who sustained an ACL injury in need of correction are 79% more likely to develop knee osteoarthritis in the future and 20% more likely to suffer a re-injury within 2 years of their procedure. In addition, without the proper strengthening, athletes may not be able to return to their sport with the same level of play, and they may struggle with confidence issues or fear of re-injury when they return. 

Post-surgical ACL rehab can help decrease these statistics. If you are in need of ACL rehab, contact us today! We will get you set up on an ACL post-op treatment plan following your surgery so you can begin your recovery process as soon as possible. Don’t let your injury hinder your life or take you out of the game for good – regain your function and get back to the sport you love with sports physical therapy in Berlin, MD.