Our Practice

Eastern Shore Physical Therapy provides superior one on one personal care to each and every patient. We will complete a thorough evaluation and then develop specific goals to meet your needs. Every therapist is qualified to provide superior manual therapy techniques which will facilitate your recovery. Our personal manual therapy approach is why Eastern Shore Physical Therapy has such high patient satisfaction.

The Physical therapists at Eastern Shore Physical Therapy will establish an individualized therapy program that will focus on achieving your goals. Throughout therapy, your therapist will inform you what to expect as you progress. We will inform your doctor of your progress, develop you a home exercise program, and if you so desire we will even introduce you to a personal trainer who will enable you to continue your exercise regime once your therapy goals have been achieved.

For more information or to set up and appointment with Eastern Shore Physical Therapy, please call (410) 641-2900 or email us at info@easternshorept.com.