Patient Testimonials

  • I am a PTA and have had the privilege of working at Eastern Shore Physical Therapy for over 13 years.   Since coming to ESPT, I have learned a lot, such as “thinking outside the box”. Both Martin and Kathleen have helped me evolve as a therapist.  They taught me that not every patient’s diagnosis is a “cookie cutter” diagnosis.   Working at Eastern Shore Physical Therapy is fun.  I enjoy the camaraderie of everyone that works at ESPT.  All of us work together to provide a warm, welcoming environment for the patients.  It is like working with family!  Overall I can’t think of a better place to work.  Between the great patients that come in, the hard working people I work with, and the wonderful experiences I’ve had, Eastern Shore PT is a wonderful place to be.

    Leah Bounds, Physical Therapist Assistant
    Eastern Shore Physical Therapy


  • All the people at ESPT are easy to work with.  They helped me to get back on my feet after I injured my leg.   Walt and Leah stayed with me and helped me through all of it.  I then completed post rehab exercises with Walt twice a week until I was back to normal.  I am so glad I came to ESPT.

    Sarah T.

  • I live in Ocean City, MD. My first visit to Eastern Shore Physical Therapy was about 3/21/17. I could barely walk. I had 2 bulging discs in my low back with burning, stabbing pain in the left thigh area.
    I was back to work in 5 weeks. Each visit was a tremendous benefit to my condition, including all the stretching exercises and traction. Martin and his staff practice in a positive work environment. I would highly recommend Eastern Shore Physical Therapy.

    Keith Melvin

  • I first came to Eastern Shore Physical Therapy for rehab to my knee. Once I finished my rehab, I learned of the Post Rehab Program and have been working with Walt for about 2 years and during that period my wife also joined me for a program that increases our strength, flexibility, balance and the building of our core muscles. We both found this approach to be very beneficial to us at our ages in the light of the various sports and activities that we engage in.

    I have been with Walt for the entire 2 years and find him to be very positive, supportive, knowledgeable and a big help to me and my wife’s overall physical well being. And just as important we really enjoy working with Walt because of his professionalism and good nature. We highly recommend this program and Walt to anyone seeking to improve their overall physical well-being.

    John Fentress

  • I have been coming to Eastern Shore Physical Therapy on and off over the past 3 years for chronic pain. They are wonderful and caring and very well trained. The staff is super friendly and makes you feel like you are a part of the medical family. I recommend ESPT to any and everyone who is looking for a kind, caring, extraordinary service.

    Tamara Horseman

  • I have come to Eastern Shore Physical Therapy several times over the past 7 years. Everyone is competent, pleasant, and fun. The staff worked together and had fun doing it. My questions were always answered. They always asked did an exercise cause pain and how was I doing. No one was left unattended. The staff was very good at massage and stretching. I had left total hip 2014. I had back injury-herniated disc L5-Si. I am here again for right total hip replacement. They were very good with all the patients and different personalities. Always very professional. Like one big family.

    Pat Wilkinson

  • After two separate sessions with Eastern Shore Physical Therapy for two separate needs for therapy, I continue to be impressed with this facility. First and foremost the staff – from the office girls to the therapists, is professional, capable, caring, and most congenial. The facility has a very pleasant and upbeat atmosphere and is well kept. My serious rotator cuff tear has been made much more mobile and much less painful, without the benefit of surgery, because of Leah, Justin, and Walt.

    For anyone wishing to complete a healing physical therapy program in a very positive atmosphere, I highly recommend Eastern Shore Physical Therapy. Martin and Kathleen Weinstein are to be commended for putting together an excellent staff in a comfortable facility.

    Diane Savage

  • Was against physical therapy before because I was in lots of pain after and during, until I came to Eastern Shore Physical Therapy. They are all smiling, playful, and positive, yet serious about healing. It works. I am now glad I’m here. Compassion makes a difference!

    Sue Gates

  • I have been a patient at Eastern Shore Physical Therapy several times over the past years, for different conditions. The therapists there are very knowledgeable and have worked closely with me to improve my condition. They are sensitive to the needs of their patients and always concerned about improving the patient’s pain level. They explain and answer questions that you may have regarding your condition.

    All the staff are very friendly and it’s been a pleasant experience for me to go to Eastern Shore Physical Therapy.

    Patty Grate

  • Eastern Shore Physical Therapy offers ‘one-on-one’ personal attention by a very competent and caring staff. The staff work closely with your surgeon and family doctor. The staff is extremely patient oriented and I like the flexibility in scheduling appointments which started on time.

    Fred, Ocean City, MD